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Graduate Studies


UNMC Graduate Studies:

Training Students for 80 Years, 1942-2022

Since 1942, UNMC Graduate Studies has focused on training graduate students through exceptional health science educational and research programs, faculty mentoring, and professional skills development. Masters, doctoral, and certificate programs are administered by individual colleges but housed under UNMC Graduate Studies. The energy of our graduate students propels discoveries that change and save lives, whether through helping faculty design clinical trials for new vaccines, innovating in teaching technology, discovering new ways to repurpose existing medications, advancing health science education, or developing new diagnostic tools and therapies for cancer treatments.

Graduate students are key contributors to the research that is done at UNMC every day.

In the 2021-2022 academic year:

  • Students in UNMC Graduate Studies authored 525 peer-reviewed publications and 21 book chapters or government reports. 30% of these publications had students listed as the first author.
  • There were ten doctoral degree programs, ten master's degree programs, one certificate program in business for bioscientists, and 14 specializations in two interdisciplinary umbrella programs.
  • Enrollment increased 13.8% compared to 2019-2020.
  • Three of every ten graduate students is from a country other than the United States.

This success is merely the foundation for continued growth. UNMC Graduate Studies remains committed to increasing the diversity among students and faculty, promoting and facilitating wellness, focusing on faculty mentorship and sponsorship, and providing students with opportunities to enhance their skills as educators in their fields.

Graduate Studies Matriculation, August 20, 2019

From the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Department of Strategic Communications

“…The very fact that as a college, the [Graduate College] cuts across and is superimposed upon all other colleges of the university, using the best of [its] staff and facilities to carry out its own program of advanced study and research for selected students, is the best justification for its existence. In addition, to the advantages of this type of organization for the graduate program, it is of incalculable value to the University as a whole. It is in the graduate program that the student’s research becomes intermingled with the research of the staff. Not only the students, but the staff members as well, benefit from the experiences, judgments, and exchange of views of staff members from other departments with whom they would not ordinarily come into close contact. All of this cross-fertilization instills life and vigor into the whole program of faculty research, much of which would be lost if the graduate program were compartmentalized in the other administrative units of the University.” 

- excerpt from The Nebraska Alumnus, 1955

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