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Graduate Studies


Graduate Students of Distinction (GSD)

GSD status is awarded to students who have received a fellowship based on review of application from an international pool of candidates, an award based on presentation of research results at a national meeting, or other similar accomplishment. More than 50 students have been honored since the program was instituted in 2014.


Discover more about GSD and recent student recognitions on their website.




Graduate Student Association (GSA)

A representative body for graduate students at UNMC, the GSA advocates for the general interest of graduate students across the campus. Since 2011, the GSA has hosted social events, seminar speakers, and workshops to aid students in their professional development.


Learn more about the GSA via their website.




Postdoctoral Education Advisory Council (PEAC)

Since 2014, the PEAC has focused on postdoctoral education, training, and recruitment at UNMC.


Learn more about the PEAC and current council members on their website.




Alumni Council

Beginning in 2016, the alumni council is open to all alumni who earned master’s or PhD degrees from the Graduate Studies Program of the University of Nebraska Graduate College.


Learn more about the Graduate Studies Alumni Council and current leadership via their website.




Coalition for Next Generation Life Science

The Coalition's goal is to provide aspiring life scientists clear, standardized data on admissions, education and training opportunities, and career prospects, so they can make informed career decisions.


Learn more about the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science via their website.