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Graduate Studies


Graduate Studies Programs

UNMC Graduate Studies degree-granting and certificate programs are among the best in the nation, offering unparalleled opportunities to explore intellectual and personal passions. They are designed to help students gain experience, hone knowledge, excel as leaders in their fields, and enhance employment opportunities and success in the industry.  

Courses of study include 10 doctoral degree programs with 14 specializations in two interdisciplinary umbrella programs; 13 Master's degree programs with six specializations in one interdisciplinary umbrella program; and two certificate programs. 

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Postdoctoral Fellows and Senior Research Associates


The mission of the Postdoctoral Education program is to promote and facilitate outstanding training and education of postdoctoral scholars and their timely transition toward independent careers. 

UNMC provides a wide range of postdoctoral training opportunities in different areas of biomedical sciences including cancer biology, nano and regenerative medicine, with an emphasis on translational research. 

The postdoc community consists of over 140 terminal degree professionals conducting research in various labs on campus. 

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