E.L. Bridges, MD, 1919



E.L. Bridges, MD, 1919


5 January 1919


From Ogdensburg, NY, Edson Lowell Bridges, MD, received his medical degree at UNMC in 1896. After post-graduate work at Northwestern University and New York Polyclinic, Dr. Bridges became a general practitioner in Wausa, Nebraska. From 1912-1913, he traveled abroad and studied medicine in London, Berlin, and Munich. After his travels, Dr. Bridges joined the UNMC faculty in 1914.

Ranked a Major, Dr. Bridges served as the chief of medical service at Base Hospital No. 49. In this role, Dr. Bridges oversaw communications and coordinating services on the base. In writing back home to the Nebraska State Medical Journal, Dr. Bridges said: “Since the big drive started [the Meuse-Argonne offensive] they [surgical cases] steadily gained on us, and now lead [the medical cases] by a good big margin, which is increased with each train that comes in. At the present moment we have 800 surgical and 600 medical cases with three more trains due in tonight.”

After the war, Dr. Bridges rejoined the faculty as an assistant professor in clinical medicine. In 1923, he was promoted to associate professor and from 1925-1926 he served as chair of the department. He became professor emeritus in 1933. Dr. Bridges was active in several medical societies including the Midwest Medical Clinic Society, the Omaha-Douglas County Medical Society, and the Nebraska State Medical Association. He passed away in 1934.


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