John S. Latta, PhD, 1979



John S. Latta, PhD, 1979


Transcript -
Latta: Dr. Poynter was one of the most interesting men I ever knew. He was very open and frank about everything. His father had been a populist governor of Nebraska and he learned a lot of techniques from him. [laughter] I think which put him in good stead. He was very well known in anatomical circles and he was an excellent teacher of anatomy. He had been a surgeon and adjunct professor of anatomy when he was a surgeon in Lincoln. He thought that he had acquired tuberculosis and he was advised to quit his practice and that's when he became professor of anatomy. So, he had the background of knowing what some of the medical problems surgeons had and he knew how to instill that information into students. He was a very excellent professor of anatomy and a very great student of history of anatomy.

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