Stanley Truhlsen, MD, 2020



Stanley Truhlsen, MD, 2020


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Dr. Stanley Truhlsen & Carrie Meyer, 2020
I mentioned Dr. Latta, and he gave us our initial lectures in anatomy, embryology and so forth. And in the end of eight weeks, you got an examination. And then you lined up outside of his office after the exam and corrected it and so forth to find out how you did. We had, as I said, I think upwards of 90 or 100 students in that class, but when we got through with that, when you went in to see Dr. Latta, he'd either smile at you or frown. If he smiled at you, you stayed at the class. If not, you were all through. You are not going to get to go to medical school. You could not pass the test. So it was kind of a memorable occasion to take that first eight weeks test and go get your report and find out if you're going to continue. If he smiled at you was kind of nice.
CM: So when you walked in his office to find out your first test results, what were you thinking?
ST: Thank God I made it.
CM: Did he ever—did he say anything to you guys when you would walk in or was it really just that quick?
ST: He'd look up and call you by name and look at his book and okay. That was it. But the whole class one-by-one went in and found out what their future was.
CM: And those of you standing in the hallway as these other people are coming back out—
ST: You either were going to continue in medical school or you flunked out after eight weeks.
CM: But when you were seeing people come out of his office, what was the look on their face—what was the like you know if they if they made it?
ST: I don't remember paying much attention to anybody else. I just knew I made it.

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