Rowan Zetterman, MD, MACP, MACG, & Robert S. Wigton, MD, MS, 2017



Rowan Zetterman, MD, MACP, MACG, & Robert S. Wigton, MD, MS, 2017


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Rowan Zetterman: So... so, the Gross Anatomy lab, there were generally five or six students around the cadaver during dissection. And we had partitions that were not floor-to-ceiling. There was a gap above and a gap below, and an area you could walk in. And so, you know, you didn't necessarily see the people in the next cube or anything like that. And Dr. Holyoke had a peculiar voice pattern that very few of us could mimic, and I certainly am not one of them. But there was an apocryphal story in one of the classes behind us that apparently there was a student demonstrating something with... with... you know, with a pointer or something and using Dr. Holyoke's voice to do the demonstration. And Dr. Holyoke walked up behind him and stood there and listened. And, of course, everybody else was just mortified in there—because they could see Dr. Holyoke was there, except for the kid that was talking. And he apparently finally got all done. And Dr. Holyoke said to him, “I don't know if you sound like that or not, but you better sound like that to the end of this class.” So, he had a sense of humor in his own way.

Robert Wigton: Oh, it was a very sly sense of humor. And he pretended to be tougher and meaner than he was, really.

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