William “Bill” Karrer, MD, 2019



William “Bill” Karrer, MD, 2019


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Dr. Holyoke was a very intense guy about anatomy. And we— we dissected our— our body specimen [53:30] to look at all the different muscles and so on. He was very stimulating.
HB: I hear he had a pronounced a way of talking. Very—
BK: Well, yeah. Yes. Yes. And when you got to be a [54:00] chief resident in surgery, you spent a semester part time in the anatomy department working with him. And he'd always have a way of asking a question and most of the time I had an answer. Sometimes it wasn't the right answer. He'd say, "Karrer, how'd you get this far in life?" [CHUCKLES] [54:30] He was just a— he was just a— he worked hard, if you weren't doing well, he gave you extra time. And tried to get you through all this.

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