George Alexander Young, III, MD, c. 1960



George Alexander Young, III, MD, c. 1960




George Alexander “Lucky” Young, III, MD, was born in 1938 to George Young, Jr., MD, and Margaret (Reynolds) Young. Dr. Young, III received his bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and his medical degree from UNMC in 1964. After graduation, he interned at University Hospital before going on to residency at the Institute of Living, a private psychiatric hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. Dr. Young, III also worked for two years at the Angus Hospital in San Francisco, California. In 1969, he joined the military and served for a year in the armed forces.

After service, Dr. Young, III joined the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, working first in the clinical research branch and later joining the clinical center and working with patients. After working in psychiatry on the east coast for many years, Dr. Young, III returned to Omaha to join his father’s practice in 1972. He served with his family in practice for many years, departing to open his own practice at 85th and Cass Streets a few years before the WAY Clinic closed. Dr. Young, III has served both Nebraska and Iowa in the field of mental health and has been affiliated with Clarinda Regional Health Center, Montgomery County Memorial Hospital, and the Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership.


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