Freddie Powell Johnson, MA, PhD, RN, c. 1980



Freddie Powell Johnson, MA, PhD, RN, c. 1980




Freddie Powell Johnson, MA, PhD, RN, is remembered by her colleagues for her “humanness” to students and patients. She joined the nursing staff of University Hospital and became the head nurse/supervisor before leaving in 1958 to be a nursing supervisor at the Salvation Army’s Booth Memorial Hospital in Omaha. She later taught medical-surgical nursing, quality assurance, and gerontology with clinical interest in nursing administration and elderly care at UNMC. Dr. Powell was also a clinical associate for the Visiting Nurse Association and primary nurse volunteer at a health maintenance center for the elderly.

Dr. Johnson graduated with a BSN (University of Nebraska School of Nursing, 1952), and completed a post-graduate certificate in maternity nursing at Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital in New Jersey in 1953. She earned an MA in Nursing Education (University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1973) and was the first recipient of the American Nurses Association Fellowship for Ethnic Minorities that enabled her to complete her PhD (University of Nebraska – Lincoln, 1976).




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