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College of Dentistry


College of Dentistry, c. 2017

Courtesy of the UNMC College of Dentistry, photographer Peggy Cain

While part of UNMC, the College resides on the East Campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


College of Dentistry

Over a Century of Dental Health Education

Since its beginnings in 1899, the College of Dentistry has continually evolved. The college strives to provide the best education and resources for its students and the best care to the community. Today, the college boasts several degrees, including a BS in Dental Hygiene, a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), certificates in General Practice Residency (GPR) and Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD), and postgraduate training (certificate or MS) in the specialties of endodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and periodontics. The program also acts as a dental “safety net” for the state of Nebraska, providing charitable care to thousands of patients annually.


Lincoln Dental College, c. 1899

Courtesy of the UNMC College of Dentistry

The college started in the old Nebraska State Bank building located in Lincoln at 14th and O Streets.

Lincoln Dental College

The Origins of the College of Dentistry

Founded in 1899 by W. Clyde Davis, DDS, MD, the Lincoln Dental College (LDC) offered a three-year course of study. The first year focused on general science and medical education, the second on theoretical dentistry, and the third on clinical work.  
Dean Davis had always wanted the program affiliated with the University of Nebraska. He approached the state Legislature in 1899 but was turned down. His hopes were realized in 1903 when the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) agreed to provide science classes and laboratory access to dental students and faculty.




Dentistry Students in Andrews Hall, c. 1930s

Courtesy of the Archives & Special Collection, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Libraries

Andrews Hall was the school’s fourth home, previously residing in the Nebraska State Bank, Farmers & Merchants Insurance building on 15th and O Streets, and the Oliver Theater building on 13th and P Streets.

From LDC to UNMC

Becoming part of the University of Nebraska system

The Lincoln Dental College made steady progress on joining the University of Nebraska system. On September 23, 1918, the Board of Regents voted for it to become the University of Nebraska School of Dentistry, and the following year to become the College of Dentistry. In 1928, the College moved onto City Campus in Andrews Hall. In 1967, it moved to a brand-new building on East Campus. In 1979, the College was moved administratively from UNL to UNMC.




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